Wendy DeWitt Food Storage System Booklet & Overview

To download a copy of Wendy DeWitt's booklet, "Putting the Foods You Love into Food Storage," click here.

Here's a short OVERVIEW of Wendy DeWitt's unique food storage system:

-Based on WORST CASE SCENARIO, no running water and no electricity.

-Determine how much food you need by basing your food storage on RECIPES.

-Factor in the type of COOKING SOURCE you will be using.

-Simplify rotation & avoid spoilage by storing items with 3+ yr SHELF LIFE.

-BOTTLE MEATS using a pressure canner--easy, juicy & tender, 3yr shelf life.

-Increase the shelf life of pantry items by VACUUM SEALING items in jars.

-STORE WATER for all your cooking needs.

-Create a food storage BINDER (recipes, exp dates, etc) & update annually.

Wendy's booklet explains all this and includes other helpful information: Food Storage Tips, Recipes, Substitutions, Source List and Equivalency Information.

The one question you may be asking...What can I use for a cooking source with no electricity? Check out a future post on cooking sources.


Ann Agent said...

Here is a link to a computer version of her Home Storage Planning system. Prepared by someone who attended her presentation and made it available for free download. When you download it from the link, is includes a copy of her book. What I love about this tool is you can delete all her recipes and put in your own, important for families with special diets!!!


It is the first link, click on that to download a zip file. A window opens and tell your computer where on your harddrive you want to save the .zip file. Once saved to your hard drive you can open and unzip the files. This utility is a self contained program, it doesn't install on the computer - it just runs when you click the .exe file. You customize it to your family, print shopping lists, do inventories, etc.

I suggest you put it on a thumb drive, so you can run it on any computer with a USB port and update whenever/wherever. Just print your inventory and shopping lists as needed.

Ann Agent

Deanna Stevens said...

I cannot find this link or get a good download of the system. It just will not come up as documents on my flashdrive or my computer hard drive. I am not sure where to go next. Please Help. Thank You.

Zina J said...

Go to Wendy Dewitt's blog and download it: http://everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com/

Here's a link to the "Everything Under the Sun" food storage file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06YYNupBx59QnpYd3BTdndpTzQ/view

This is the shorter "Everything Made Simple" file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06YYNupBx59UldzSmhoOXNHYlE/view

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